Detox green juice diet

Do you know how the real detox diet works? Nutritionist Jessica Borrelli takes your doubts
Summer is already here and with it always comes that flurry of diets. Once again, detox is in vogue.

But how to carry out the true detox diet? Can everyone try it? Does green juice make you lose weight? Take your questions with nutritionist Jessica Borrelli:

Discouragement, swelling, lifeless skin and hair and extra fat? When the body eliminates excess toxins, you regain energy and lose weight without sacrifice. Acne also takes a break and even libido improves (don’t be surprised if you want to date more!). Another good news: you don’t have to go through a long detox program.

Seven days of dieting is enough to notice the positive changes. If you can start over the weekend, great! So you have more time to prepare the soups, shakes and juices suggested at the beginning of the menu at home. Then it gets more practical, and continues to help detoxify. You will arrive the following Saturday slimmer and more powerful!

For the first two days, you consume only liquids. “The objective is to save the body from wearing out in a prolonged digestion process”, explains nutritionist Alessandra Lessmann do Amaral, from the Infinity Blue SPA, in Balneário Camboriú (SC). So prepare to eat every two hours and eliminate a lot of fluid. The belly will be more dry!

Consisting of five days, the second stage of the diet includes solid foods, rich in fiber, water and antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory substances also enter the plate frequently, making the body less resistant to weight loss. If you’re willing to shed a few more pounds, go for it. “The menus can be followed for up to two weeks,” says Alessandra. After that, wait 15 days to repeat the two detox phases. That way, you always stay slim and sexy, without losing your zest!

Detoxification is a natural process in the body to eliminate toxic and foreign substances from the body, which occurs in all cells, especially in the liver and intestine. Over the days, the body accumulates toxins due to various factors such as pollution, poor diet, stress, sedentary routine, food dyes and preservatives, pesticides, medicines, heavy metals and toxins present in cosmetics and cleaning products.

One of the main goals of the detox diet is to help eliminate these accumulated toxins, leaving them water-soluble (water-soluble), since these elements tend to easily bind to fats, making elimination difficult. In this way, they can be easily eliminated through urine, feces and sweat. With the completion of the diet, this process is intensified in all cells.