Best daily detox tips

Daily detox is one of the best ways to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. Here are some easy and manageable daily detox tips that can help you eliminate toxins from your body.


Daily detox tips
Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables every day.
Drink 8-10 glasses of boiled and filtered water every day.
Include fiber in the form of whole wheat, jowar, bajra, oats; nuts, such as almonds; wrists like whole green mung, rajma, channa and all black urad dal.
Avoid saturated fats such as butter, ghee, red meat, high-fat dairy products such as cheese and paneer.
Minimize or avoid coffee, alcohol and nicotine (in tobacco and cigarettes). Two cups of instant coffee daily and 120 ml of alcohol a week are considered low consumption.

Avoid refined foods such as pizza, pasta, white bread, cornmeal, potatoes, white rice, refined sugar, white sauce, cheese sauce. Make your white sauce using whole-wheat flour and low-fat milk. If you eat refined foods, combine them with lots of fresh raw or partially cooked vegetables. The fiber in vegetables makes up for the lack of fiber in refined foods and makes this food moderately healthy.

As much as possible, cook on stainless steel, glass or porcelain, cookware or iron utensils.

Avoid taking too many pain relievers, sedatives and antibiotics. Instead, use natural remedies such as exercise, sauna and steam baths, massage and other natural therapies.