Best ways to lose weight healthy

Those who need to lose weight fast can follow this diet for 3 days to lose up to 5 kg. However, if you are close to your ideal weight, it is possible that you will not lose 5 kg, but this diet can help you to deflate quickly, drying the body quickly.

Losing weight and losing weight with health is the goal of many Brazilians who are overweight. Today, it can be said that the search for weight loss is not only linked to aesthetic issues, but the health and well-being of people.

Therefore, we seek information from professionals qualified in the area of ​​healthy weight loss (nutritionist), to present you with 3 ways to “lose those unwanted fat”. In addition, we have separated some very important information that you should check before performing any diet. Are they:

What is the first step to starting a diet and losing weight?
Is my friend’s diet good for me?
Just cut carbs to lose weight?
Nutritionist Giovana Guido’s 3 strategies to lose weight
What is the first step to starting a diet and losing weight?

If you are also looking for a healthy body and “need to lose some pounds”, the first step is to look for a professional in the area and you trust. It’s not enough to read some articles on the internet and think you already know enough to create your own diet. For this there is the nutritionist who has qualified with a graduation and improvement courses.

In addition to the Nutritionist, you should also look for a physical advisor, a qualified professional to assist you in physical activities in order to avoid injuries to the body.

Is my friend’s diet good for me?

Many people wanting to avoid costs, seeing that a friend lose weight with a certain diet passed by a nutritionist decides to follow the same recipe. Be careful, this is not the proper procedure, each person has a need and should be evaluated by the nutritionist to know what and how much food the body needs.

Just cut carbs to lose weight?

According to Nutritionist Giovana Guido, in one of her videos, she reports that the carbohydrate cut must be done in an orderly way so that the result will be satisfactory.

In addition, as mentioned above, physical activity must be combined with a healthy diet for faster results.

Nutritionist Giovana Guido’s strategies to lose weight
Drink more fluid during the day

The nutritionist clarifies that “a large part of excess weight is retention, it is non-functional water”. With the daily increase in liquid consumption it is possible to “feel the difference on the scale”. However, not all liquids are welcome, Giovana warns that artificial drinks such as boxed juices, juices produced with powder, soda, etc.

carbohydrate cycle

Basically, this practice is the alternation of high and low consumption of carbohydrates, that is, the basic rule is that every 3 days of low consumption makes a day of high consumption, says the Nutritionist.