Back and Neck Problems? Pilates can help

The PILATES method gained credibility and recognition with the rehabilitation of people who had back and neck problems.

The foundations of this relationship are strong, as the method calls on the deeper muscles that help support the spine.

A strong core provides a strong foundation for a strong, injury-free body.
A good PILATES professional, through adaptations (hence the need to have knowledge of the reason for the fundamentals in PILATES, also called pre-pilates), will be able to adapt the exercises to the individual needs of their students.

But all this does not invalidate the consultation of a specialist doctor or other professional who is involved in the treatment of back or neck problems – physical therapist, chiropractor or osteopath.

And as soon as they give you the “green light” to go back to exercising, you should also look for qualified professionals in the PILATES area, in order to provide you with improvements and more quality of life, because not everything is PILATES and not everyone is authorized to exercise it.